VICTORY: 13,000 Student Workers Win Raise to $11/hour – $15 is next!

13,000 workers at Rutgers are getting a raise to $11/ hour, thanks to the hard work and tireless organizing by workers and students with Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops! Read more about this tremendous victory in the Daily Targum.

Rutgers USAS won’t stop until they win $15/hr for ALL campus workers! The victory comes the day before a planned action at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, December 12, where students from USAS, campus workers, and other allies plan to bring the call for $15 for all campus workers direclty to their meeting – and the day a national report was released showing Rutgers University President Barchi among the top 25 highest paid university chancellors in the country.

This makes clear that not only does Rutgers have the money, but that organizing works! Congrats to USAS on this important victory, and on to $15 and equity, security, and dignity for all campus workers!