Grad Workers, Faculty, Students Rally to Defeat Grad Tax

When grads fight WE WIN! On Wednesday, following weeks of organizing and mobilizing by grad workers across the country, news emerged that the GOP will remove the tax on tuition remission from the final version of the tax bill! Let us be VERY clear: this would not have happened without disciplined action and organizing done by grad workers and allies.

Prior to leaning the GOPs final decision, 75 grad workers, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students rallied on the College Avenue campus and launched their campaign for the abolishment of doctoral tuition and their plans for the larger contract campaign.

SO much more to come next semester.

Thanks to all of the RU community who came out to the rally today, to the town halls to hold President Barchi and Chancellor Dutta accountable, and to the 150 person rally outside of Senator Toomey’s office. Special thanks to UndocuRutgers, Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops, the Graduate Student Association, and more for all their amazing work this semester.

The fight continues against the still horrific tax bill that will be voted on once more!

Watch this report from the demonstration from NJTV, and our union’s ongoing work to defeat the tax on graduate workers, along with this excellent piece on national grad worker organizing to defeat the grad tax featuring one of our own – Kathleen Farley.