Tell Pres Barchi: It’s Time to Negotiate with Our Unions

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Rutgers Unions – 20,000 Members Strong!

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Labor contracts for 20,000 unionized Rutgers employees will expire on June 30, 2018. While Management has not yet confirmed a single bargaining date with any of the 25 Unions – representing everyone from maintenance workers to medical residents – the Board of Governors met in a special session early in January to discuss and approve the contract of only one employee: men’s basketball coach Steve Pikiell, who will now take home $8 million over three years. Surely, the other 20,000 people who work at Rutgers deserve some consideration as well.
This is a matter of basic respect. Rutgers Management must bargain jointly and in good faith with our Unions over common good issues: health care, job security, tuition costs and benefits, pay equity, and the right to representation for all employees. 

In solidarity,
Rutgers Union Coalition partners


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