April 10: Fight for the Rutgers We Deserve

April 10 | 12pm | Rally at the Board of Governors

The fight for just working conditions starts now, and it begins with you

Would you like to see:

  • your monthly health care contributions go down by hundreds of dollars or more?
  • yearly cost-of-living raises?
  • more tenure-track faculty and TA/GA lines?
  • tenure eligibility for NTT teaching faculty?
  • free tuition for all Ph.D. students and 5-year funding for all TA/GAs?
  • salary adjustments to address gender pay inequity?
  • the hiring of more historically underrepresented faculty and graduate employees?
  • a $15 minimum wage for all campus employees, including student workers?

Of course you would. We all would. In order to win these contract demands we need you to join us along with staff and student allies outside the Board of Governors meeting at Winants Hall on College Ave., 12pmTuesday, April 10. For those in Newark and Camden who would like transportation to the rally, RSVP to aaup@rutgersaaup.org.

The administration is counting on us to be silent so they can slow down bargaining and wait until faculty and students are off campus. We say the time to bargain a fair contract is now, before it expires June 30, 2018.

It’s clear that Rutgers has the money. In fact, Rutgers has nearly $800 million in unrestricted reserves. But administrators would prefer to spend the money on other priorities. Rutgers has the largest management bloat among our Big Ten peers and pays more than 247 top administrators more than $250,000.

Faculty have different priorities. We are fighting to make Rutgers one of the greatest public universities in the country and a key aspect of this is creating an institution that treats its faculty, staff and students fairly.

Join us at the April 10 rally to fight for the Rutgers we deserve. And please bring a couple of colleagues along with you! Email aaup@rutgersaaup.org if you would also like to sign up to address the Board of Governors that afternoon.

Download fliers for print:

In solidarity,
Deepa and David

Deepa Kumar, President Rutgers AAUP-AFT
David M. Hughes, Vice President, Rutgers AAUP-AFT