Fed up with the Barchi Administration’s Disrespect

Almost 400 of us came out on December 6th to picket the Board of Governors meeting on a chilly day to send a loud and clear message: We will not be disrespected by the Barchi administration anymore! From PTLs and grads to distinguished professors, we stood together to demand a fair and just contract for all our members. We received excellent media coverage, as seen here in the NJSpotlight story as well as the Bergen Record story. Also, the New Brunswick Faculty Council unanimously voted on a resolution December 7th calling on the administration to “add more energy, resources and commitment to union contract negotiations to effect a fair, just and timely settlement.”

Inside the BOG meeting our members made powerful speeches. Even though the agenda was changed at the last minute to make us wait an additional 45 minutes to speak, our faculty and grads stayed and raised their concerns. Marian Thorpe spoke about how difficult it is for a graduate student to live on $1,000 a month in New Jersey. David Hughes presented to the BOG the signatures of faculty and grads that appeared in last Thursday’s Daily Targum ad.

Two distinguished professors, Michael McKeon and Nick Belkin, both at Rutgers since the 1980s, expressed how the Barchi administration more than any other has failed us. BOG Distinguished Professor McKeon stated that the imperious attitude of a president at Boston University, where he taught prior to joining us, led to a faculty strike.

We have several bargaining sessions scheduled for December and January and will soon know management’s response. We thank everyone for coming out on December 6th. Boosted by your support, our team will work hard to move forward on negotiations over the holidays.