Barchi’s Rutgers and Ours: A Statement by Rutgers’ Distinguished Professors

Dear members of the Rutgers community,

We, the undersigned Rutgers faculty members at the rank of Distinguished Professor, who in many cases have been at Rutgers for several decades, are deeply concerned about the current direction of our university. We are particularly alarmed at the spending priorities of the Barchi administration. The following evidence shows that Rutgers is undergoing a disturbing drift away from the priorities of a public university:  research, teaching, and service.

Rutgers is #1 in Management Bloat

  • 244 Rutgers administrators are paid more than $250,000 a year (38 of them are paid more than $500,000).
  • The total price tag for these top administrators is $80 million per year.
  • The administration spent at least $11.5 million on “golden parachutes” for administrators and coaches between 2010 and 2018.

Barchi has refused to prioritize public education.

  • Rutgers’ tuition costs keep rising despite student and union protests and calls for an affordable public education.
  • Barchi has dismissed pleas for a living wage of $15 per hour for student workers, taking student activists to court for speaking out against student poverty and engaging in civil disobedience.
  • Barchi has denied a living wage to our adjunct/Part-Time Lecturer faculty (PTLs are paid a little over $5,100 per course per semester).
  • Although about 3,000 adjunct faculty do over half of the undergraduate teaching at Rutgers, the administration devotes less than one percent of its budget to their compensation.
  • During Barchi’s term in office, the number of graduate Teaching Assistants at Rutgers-NB has dropped from 1,260 to 906.

Relative to our Big 10 peers, Rutgers is:

  • #1 in the number of underpaid adjunct faculty.
  • Second to last in the percentage of tenured and tenure-track faculty.
  • Last in the number of graduate students given financial support.

Barchi claims that “diversity and inclusion” are core values. In reality:

  • The number of tenure-track African American faculty at Rutgers in 1976 was 175,whereas the number of tenure-track African American faculty in 2017 is 89. *
  • The amount Barchi has allocated for diversity hiring for 2018 to 2022 is $0.
  • Of the diversity funding allocated in previous years of Barchi’s term, less than 20% was spent on African American and Latino/a faculty because of Barchi’s new “broad” definition of diversity.
  • Barchi refused to implement the advice of the Task Force report on inclusion of 2017.

The Rutgers administration has taken millions of dollars out of academic programs and student fees in a vain quest for athletic glory:  

  • The athletics deficit in 2017 was $47.4 million, financed by higher student fees, university general funds, and other sources. In that year, the program spent over $200,000 hiring private jets for recruiting purposes.
  • The administration also in that year transferred nearly $12 million in student fees to the Athletics Department.
  • Since Barchi arrived at Rutgers, the cumulative Athletics Department deficit has grown to nearly $200 million.

We say NO to the corporate university. We say YES to a new set of spending priorities that put teaching, research and service first, not last.

Join us in making Rutgers the best public university in the country.

Email President Barchi at  to tell him that you want his administration to honor OUR vision of Rutgers.

Marie-Pierre Aubry, Dist. Prof. of Earth & Planetary Science – Earth & Planetary Sci
Ross Baker, Dist. Prof. of Political Science – Poli Sci
Carlos A. Ball, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law
Tamar Barkay, Dist. Prof. of Biochemistry & Microbiology – Biochemistry & Microbiology
Nicholas J. Belkin, Dist. Prof. of Library & Information Science – SCI-Library and Info Sci
Rudolph M. Bell, Dist. Prof. of History – History
Adi Ben-Israel, Dist. Prof. of Operations Research – RBS
Sarah Blake McHam, Dist. Prof.  of Art History – Art History
Endre Boros, Dist. Prof. of Operations Research – Operations Research
Linda Bosniak, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law School
Stephen Eric Bronner, BOG Prof. of Political Science – Political Sci
Michael A. Carrier, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law
Sagan Chanillo, Dist. Prof. of Mathematics
Jolie A. Cizewski, Dist. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy – Physics & Astronomy
Roger S Clark, BOG Prof. of Law – Law School
Ronald V. Clarke, University Prof. of Criminology – Criminal Justice
Dorothy Sue Cobble, Dist. Prof. of History & Labor Studies – Labor Studies and History
François Cornilliat, Dist. Prof. of French – French
Mark Doty, Dist. Prof. of English & Director of Writers House – English
Monica Driscoll, Distinguished Professor; Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department
Uri Eisenzweig, Dist. Prof. of French & Comparative Literature – French
Eugenia Etkina, Dist. Prof. of Physics Education – GSE
Paul Falkowski, BOG Dist. Prof., Bennett L. Smith Chair in Business and Natural Resources, & Director, Rutgers Energy Institute – Earth & Planetary Sci
Thomas J. Figueira, Dist. Prof. of Classics & Ancient – History Classics
Barbara C. Foley, Dist. Prof. of English – English
Daniel Friedan, Dist. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy – Physics & Astronomy
William H. Galperin, Dist. Prof. of English – English
Stephen Garofalini, Dist. Prof. of Materials Science & Engineering – Materials Science and Engineering
Michael Gershenson, Dist. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy – Physics & Astronomy
Jane Gilman, Dist. Prof. of Mathematics & Computer Science – Math and Comp Sci
Gerald Goldin, Distinguished Professor; Mathematics Education, Mathematics, and Physics
Alan Goldman, distinguished professor; Chemistry Department
Rachel Hadas, BOG Prof. of English – English
Mary Hawkesworth, Dist. Prof. of Political Science & Women’s and Gender Studies – WGS
Jochen Hellbeck, Dist. Prof. of History – History
Alan Hyde, Dist. Prof of Law – Law
Kenneth Irvine, Dist. Prof. of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry – Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Henryk Iwaniec, NJ State Prof of Mathematics – Mathematics
Howard Jacobowitz, Dist. Prof. of Mathematics – Mathematics
Frieder Jäekle, Dist. Prof of Chemistry – Chemistry
Michael Katehakis, Dist. Prof. of Management Science – RBS
Lisa Klein, Dist Prof. of Materials Science & Engineering – Materials Science
Barry Komisaruk, Dist. Prof. of Psychology & BOG Distinguished Service Professor – Psychology
John Kucich, Dist. Prof. of English – English
T.J. Jackson Lears, BOG Dist. Prof of History & Editor in Chief, Raritan: A Quarterly Review History
John Leubsdorf, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law
Feng Luo, Dist. Prof. of Mathematics – Mathematics
Michael McKeon, BOG Dist. Prof. of English – English
Gregory Moore, Dist. Prof. of Physics & Mathematics – Physics & Astronomy
Peter J. Morin, Dist. Prof.  of Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources – Eco and Evo
Andrew Norris, Dist. Prof. of Mechanical & Aerospace – Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace
Charles M. Payne, Henry Rutgers Dist. Prof. of African American Studies & Director, Joseph Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Research – African American Studies
Jayne Anne Phillips, BOG Dist. Prof. of English – English
James Gray, Pope Dist. Prof. of Law – Law School
Karin M. Rabe, Dist. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy – Physics & Astronomy
Gary A. Rendsburg, Dist. Prof., Blanche & Irving Laurie Chair in Jewish History – Jewish Studies
Richard Riman, Dist. Prof. of Materials Science & Engineering – MSE
Hugh Rockoff, Dist. Prof. of Economics – Economic
Yair Rosenthal</strong, Distinguished Professor of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Andrzej Piotr Ruszczynski, Dist. Prof. of Management Science & Information Systems – RBS
Kenneth Safir, Dist. Prof. of Linguistics – Linguistics
Susan J. Schurman, Dist. Prof. of Labor Studies & Employment Relations – SMLR
Beth Stephens, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law
Larry Scott Temkin, Dist. Prof. of Philosophy – Philosophy
James Tepper, Dist. Prof. of Neuroscience – Neuroscience
Gabor Toth, Dist. Prof. of Mathematics – Mathematics
Camilla Townsend, Dist. Prof. of History – History
David Troutt, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law
Deborah Gray White, BOG Prof. of History & Prof. of Women’s & Gender Studies – History
Robert F. Williams, Dist. Prof. of Law – Law
Doron Zeilberger, BOG Prof. & Dist. Prof. of Mathematics – Math


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* For 1976 figures see Barbara Balliet et al., Feminist Interventions: Creating New Institutional Spaces for Women at Rutgers University. New Brunswick: Institute for Women’s Leadership, 2006), p. 86.