Petition: Rutgers Adjuncts Need $7,250 and Health Care

Rutgers Adjuncts Need $7,250 and Health Care, Not Contempt

Part-Time Lecturers (PTLs) at Rutgers who teach more than 30% of all classes are demanding $7,250 a course, health care and long-term contracts. Instead of respect and decent wages, they face contempt from the Rutgers Administration. Chancellor Molloy recently said, “If [PTLs] don’t want to do this, they need to get another job. There are probably other people who can fill the role, so it’s sort of like supply and demand.”

Adjuncts are not disposable; they are highly qualified educators who are central to student success at Rutgers and deserve fair wages and respect. We are in solidarity with Part-Time Lecturers in their fight for $7,250, health care and job security.