Faculty Senate Passes Resolution in Support of PTLs

As we continue our fight for a fair PTL contract, the faculty senate in Camden and New Brunswick have overwhelmingly voted to approve resolutions in support of a fair contract for part-time faculty. Language can be found here:


New Brunswick Faculty Council Resolution on PTLs 4-19

 Whereas, Rutgers has millions of dollars to give bonuses to administrators, and

Whereas, Rutgers has millions of dollars to subsidize the athletic departments, and

Whereas, Rutgers has millions of dollars to resolve the full-time / grad collective agreement in historic fashion,

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the NBFC calls on the Rutgers administration to promptly and fairly resolve the PTL collective agreement with Equal Pay for Equal Work, Job Security in the form of longer term fractional appointments, and Health Benefits in order to better protect Rutgers students’ education.



Rutgers Camden Faculty Council Resolution # 1-2019


Part-Time Lecturers (PTLs) are among the most important and valuable members of the academic community at Rutgers University-Camden as well as throughout Rutgers and in many colleges and universities nationwide. They teach and mentor our students with skill and dedication, and they involve themselves with energy and passion in the life of the institution.

Each semester approximately 350 PTLs teach at Rutgers University-Camden. As a practical matter, given the large proportion of courses taught by PTLs, the university could not fulfill its mission without the deep and abiding commitment of PTLs to their students and to the community.

Nevertheless, PTLs are in many ways not accorded the dignity and recognition that they deserve.  Their compensation is not proportionate to the vital service they perform and the skills and credentials that they bring to their jobs. They have little or no job security and little or no opportunity for formal advancement within their ranks. They are often marginalized within the academic community in large and small ways. This situation hurts PTLs, but it even more profoundly degrades the university.

Since the Camden Faculty Council Resolution supporting PTLs was adopted in May of 2016, some departments have done a better job of including PTLs in meetings and social events, but when it comes to equal pay for equal work (including fractional appointments) and job security in the form of longer term contracts, the University continues to lag behind many of its BIG TEN counterparts.

Therefore, be it resolved that

The Rutgers Camden Faculty Council calls on the administration to promptly and fairly address the current PTL collective bargaining position that calls for Equal Pay for Equal Work and Job Security in the form of longer term contracts. In addition, the administration should consider proposals to lessen the cost of health insurance for PTLs.