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Everyone covered under our union contracts pays a representation fee because everyone benefits from our contracts, but unless you’ve filled out this form, signed it and returned it to the union you are not yet a member of the union. Please do so now. Our strength comes in showing the maximum unity of our members, and even if you are unable to be active joining is the most important action you can take now to help win the best possible terms in bargaining.

Solidarity gets the goods!

On October 20, 2017, more than 300 SAS faculty and staff attended an extraordinary meeting with SAS Executive Dean Peter March. After hearing dozens speak out unanimously and passionately in opposition to his plan to reorganize SAS support staff, March conceded to our collective demands that he halt implementation of the plan until a committee of elected faculty and staff is able to research, write and submit a report with recommendations on existing structure and expectations for support staff.

Executive Dean March’s decision to halt the SAS reorganization of support staff structures followed more than an hour and a half of spirited exchanges and fervent pleas for Rutgers to operate with faculty and staff governance “like a university and not a corporation.” In response, March stated: “I’d be happy to stipulate the resolution and act upon it.” When pressed to specify his meaning—as he refused to allow a vote—March conceded that no staff realignment would take place until after the recommendations of an elected committee, as stated in our proposed resolution:

Whereas all stakeholders should have full and prior input into decisions about the structure and expectations of staff support for the work of the School of Arts and Sciences (New Brunswick),

Therefore, be it resolved that the implementation of the realignment plan be ceased until the final report of an elected committee, comprised equally of staff and faculty, that shall be constituted and empowered to recommend further changes, if any, to the current structure and expectations for staff support.

Get plugged in

Throughout the Fall 2017 semester, members will be tabling to reach out to students and building educational events around issues from race and gender equity to opening the books on Rutgers financial status. If you would like to participate in talking to students at an information table or getting the word out about our Open the Books event, please email us at

Show union pride

The union has beautiful new t-shirts, please come by and get yours! Our union office is at 11 Stone St., off College Ave., free parking in the rear. Please come by and pick up your t-shirt, get a poster or button, and/or meet with a contract campaign organizer and learn how you can get more involved. Email us at