Our Contract Campaign

We, faculty and graduate employees at the Rutgers AAUP-AFT, have joined with our medical faculty colleagues, university staff and maintenance workers to pursue a joint program of bargaining for the common good. Together, we make up nearly 20,000 unionized employees at Rutgers in the Coalition of Rutgers Unions.

Our union, based on our fall 2017 contract survey, strives to achieve equity, job security, affordable healthcare, and academic freedom for all our faculty and TAs/GAs.

Job Security

  1. Reverse the adjunctification of higher education by increasing the number of Tenure and Tenure-Track and TA/GA positions
  2. A path to evaluation and long-term appointments for NTT and PTL faculty
  3. Establish secure 5-year TA contracts and increase in the number of TA/GA positions
  4. Bridge funds for grant-funded appointments

Read our full position papers on Job Security


  1. Gender and race equity in hiring, salary and promotion
  2. Pay equity across all three Rutgers campuses (Newark, Camden and New Brunswick)
  3. Automatic yearly cost-of-living raises
  4. Address salary compression so that long-term faculty don’t lag behind newer faculty
  5. Equal pay for equal work for part-time lecturers (PTLs)
  6. Disability/sick leave for NTT faculty (and for Tenure and Tenure-track librarians/extension faculty)

Read our full position papers on Equity

Academic Freedom

  1. Guarantee academic freedom in the classroom—both the physical classroom and online classes
  2. Defend academic freedom in social media and online communication
  3. Ensure freedom to communicate via email and other focused online portals without surveillance/monitoring
  4. Extend academic freedom protection to PTLs and NTTs
  5. Broaden faculty governance with particular attention to the curriculum

Read our full position paper on Academic Freedom

Affordable Healthcare

  1. For all part-time lecturers (who are currently do not have access to health care)
  2. Affordable and quality healthcare for TAs/GAs
  3. Significant reduction in health care contributions for tenured and tenure track, and non-tenure track (NTT) faculty

Read our full position paper on Affordable Healthcare