Our Contract Campaign

For our 2017–18 contract campaign, we envision a workplace where Rutgers truly upholds employment equity, security and dignity.

Employment equity, security and dignity are key to creating the best teaching and research environment. That’s why our union fiercely defends equal pay for equal work and academic freedom, ensures due process in employment disputes, advances workplace protections, and pushes for race and gender equity in hiring, promotion and pay.

Over the years we have won tuition remission for all, and some of the nation’s highest wages for adjuncts and graduate student employees. We’ve expanded paid family leave, created tenure and promotion training, put an end to salary caps and loyalty oaths, and established workload limits. In an era when corporate metrics and surveillance threaten to degrade the conditions in which our students learn and our faculty teach and do research, our union has a proven track record of pushing back to defend our scholarship and privacy.

Why we matter

Our union believes in connecting our experiences here at Rutgers to the wider landscape of our world. That’s why in our 2017–18 contract campaign we will integrate social justice platforms by calling for the equity, security and dignity for our immigrant members, our members of color, and our members of every gender identity, sexual orientation and religious affiliation.

Our union takes the adage “an injury to one is an injury to all” seriously. As a top research institution with faculty, students and staff from all over the world, Rutgers needs an assertive faculty union that plays a central role in defending our university’s global reputation. When our immigrant, Black, LGBTQ, women and Muslim students and colleagues come under attack, we push back.

We petition, speak out, rally and march to demand sanctuary for all on our campuses. We actively defend evidence-based research at a time when science itself is under attack. Especially now, when people in positions of power threaten everything from job security to our environment, defending our ability to express a collective voice through our union is more crucial than ever.  

This is our union

Our union unites faculty across all ranks with graduate workers and counselors to leverage our collective power to assert governance. That’s why we say that this is our union. Every faculty member, teaching assistant, adjunct professor, EOF counselor, and postdoc has a right to shape this union and the agenda of this contract campaign.

In fact, the campaign cannot be won without maximum participation among all of us. We need folks to join our union today, as full, voting members so that we can discuss, debate and organize to achieve the salaries and working conditions we deserve. our teaching a research conditions determine our students learning conditions.

Joining our union is a crucial step, it allows us to show unity at the bargaining table, but it is only the first step. To get involved in campaign meetings, events, and more click here.