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Solidarity with UTLA

The Executive Council of Rutgers AAUP-AFT Stands in Solidarity with United Teachers Los Angeles WHEREAS more than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers are on strike, fighting for quality public education for LA’s nearly 700,000 students; AND United Teachers Los Angeles members are battling the privatizing corporate agenda of the superintendent and the school board by demanding… Read more »

Fed up with the Barchi Administration’s Disrespect

Almost 400 of us came out on December 6th to picket the Board of Governors meeting on a chilly day to send a loud and clear message: We will not be disrespected by the Barchi administration anymore! From PTLs and grads to distinguished professors, we stood together to demand a fair and just contract for… Read more »

Huge Nov. 14 Newark Picket

On November 14th over two hundred faculty, grads and undergraduate students participated in a lively picket at our Newark campus. Watch Newark chapter president Prof. Rob Snyder discuss the issues we are fighting for Watch Law Professor and chapter VP Jim Pope talk about why the slide towards part-time jobs hurts us all Watch Executive Council member Professor… Read more »

Bargaining Update on Salary Proposals, Infosilem

Bargaining Update After our various actions in September and October, we finally have made some headway at the bargaining table and have something to report to you. Please find below updates on the salary, gender and race equity, infosilem, our graduate and NTT proposals, academic freedom, safety, and binding arbitration.   Salary On 21 September,… Read more »

Race Gender Equity Picket

Dozens of faculty and graduate workers picketed Oct. 17th for race and gender equity outside Douglass Student Center. Also, hundreds of students happily took fliers and signed onto a solidarity petition. Special thanks to picketers Nikol Alexander-Floyd for leading our chants, Mary Hawksworth for her research, Mark Killingsworth for his stats, Marian Thorpe for her… Read more »

Faculty and Students Confront Pres. Barchi

When hundreds of faculty, staff, students, and community members packed the University Senate meeting Sept. 21, President Barchi left the room when we started asking questions about rising tuition, job security, and the threat of privatization. It’s time to #DoYourJobBarchi and bargain in good faith with campus unions fighting for the #CommonGoodOnCampus Watch the video of our action… Read more »

We Support Professor Livingston’s Free Speech

The Rutgers AAUP-AFT stands resolutely in support of faculty, and all University employees, who exercise their right of free speech. That is what Professor James Livingston did when he posted comments on his personal Facebook page objecting to the gentrification of his neighborhood in Harlem. The administration’s misguided decision to silence Professor Livingston by disciplining… Read more »

Mon., Aug. 20, 6pm: Bargaining update

Our next bargaining update that you can video or call into is Monday, August 20th, 6-6:30pm. Please video or call in via Zoom to hear what happened in bargaining, ask questions and share your thoughts and concerns as we continue to mobilize for a good contract. We will continue hosting bi-weekly Monday evening bargaining updates… Read more »

Scandals and SNAFUs: Rutgers Needs Accountable Leadership

Dear Colleague, We’re sending this message mid-summer because there have been so many scandals and SNAFUs that impact us. We are deeply concerned about the lack of accountable leadership at Rutgers. The high volume of summer communications from faculty to our union office suggests that many of you are equally distressed. We are very concerned… Read more »